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January 2007

If you must buy a new computer

and think hard about whether that’s really the case, but if it is, then consider this AlterNet missive: …Then again, who talks about environmental policy at an electronics fair? Michael Dell does. A few states away at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas during the second week of January, the head of struggling Dell […]

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Greg Pahl talks local energy on VPR

He was on Switchboard last night. Hear the show: Download MP3 Thurs., Jan. 25 at 7 p.m.: Small-scale alternative energy Fran Stoddard hosts a Switchboard discussion on small-scale alternative energy. We talk about practical steps individuals, local communities and farms can take to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and adopt alternative energy sources.

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Simran Sethi, getting the word out in a big way

Huge congratulations to Simran Sethi, who is now going to be Robert Redford’s right-hand-woman on greening society. Here’s the press release: Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN(TM) Presented by Robert Redford Launches April 17, 2007 With 13-Part Original Series ‘Big Ideas for a Small Planet'(TM) and Weekly Documentary Premiere NEW YORK, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Sundance Channel’s […]

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Harding’s brief history of global warming enlightenment

Stephen’s got an article in The Guardian tracing the basic–and surprisingly long–history of figuring out climate change. The long road to enlightenment Climate change may be a hot topic in 2007, but the debate has been going on for 200 years. Stephan Harding looks back at a life-or-death struggle for understanding Monday January 8, 2007 […]

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Talking about rejecting missions

My link to Peter Laufer’s “Letter to a Young Marine” elicited this comment from Pamela Peter’s letter made sense, and yet, as a mother of two sons in the military (USAF and USN), I am torn between their believing what they do is their “job” and my wanting them to be safe at home. If […]

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Too little, too late? Too little, regardless.

I’m on the side of the worryworts when it comes to global warming. I think effective action to reduce the negative effects will require changes in lifestyle for those of us in the large fraction of humanity who rely on lots of energy to get stuff done. So, always on the lookout for like-minded folks, […]

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Rejecting missions gets personal

Peter Laufer always took the issue of soldiers refusing bad orders to heart. Now a close friend of his son’s, the son of his own close friend, a Marine he’s known since the soldier was a 2-week old squirt, is being ordered deployed to Iraq. Fubar, as they say. What advice can you give someone […]

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It’s the lard that makes it good

Isn’t that supposed to be true? Like the best pie crusts being so good because they’re made with lard? And the best refried beans? I say it all the time, though to be honest I’ve almost never had anything made with lard. I don’t really go for pie as a rule, and I find vegetarian […]

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50 million acres

That’s how much land in the U.S. is in the form of lawns. Lots of it gets treated like dirt, so to speak, drenched in pesticides and other assorted crud. But this just in: has a series of videos that show how to maintain a healthy lawn organically.

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