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October 2006

“middle brow” – Insulting?

I recently used the term “middle brow” and was chided by a coworker who suggested it’s an elitist term. I’m not entirely convinced, but I’d like to be on the side of right and good, not the side of stick-in-the-mud and will change my attitude if someone wants to offer some reasons to do so. […]

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Sleeth signs on

The good Doctor is now a signatory to the Evangelical Climate Initiative. This is pretty serious stuff–you’ve got to be invited to sign on to the document. That means that the bigwigs in the evangelical creation care movement are recognizing Matthew as a prominent member of their community whose imprimatur carries weight. Congratulations, Matthew. Let’s […]

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Race, Poverty, and the Environment

In case you’re looking for something to read, and you’ve already read all the Chelsea Green books, RPE might be worth a bit of time. I just stumbled across it myself. Looks interesting. Issue areas Climate Justice Energy Environmental Health Equitable Development Food Global Trade Green Economics Jobs Housing Transportation

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It’s time we learned to live in peace with our planet

One of the absolute high points of the Bioneers by the Bay conference this past weekend–for me–was getting to meet Stephan Harding in person. I’d corresponded with him a bit while working on preparing his book for publication in the US. (It originated in the UK and we bought the rights to do it in […]

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A bunch of us were at the Bioneers conferences in California and Massachusetts this past weekend. So was a reporter from the NYTimes. So if you missed it all, here’s a taste. Also, go to the Bioneers and Marion Institute websites for samples of the talks. By all accounts, it was all good. The New […]

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Ten apples up on top

Chelsea Green editor Ben Watson is Mr. Apple (among other things). We’ve known that for years, and now NPR listeners know it, too.

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Talking about a post-carbon revolution

Richard Heinberg, and others, will be speaking as part of the E.F. Schumacher Society lecture series on Saturday, Oct. 28. If you’re in western Mass, take note. The possibility exists that our society already holds the skills necessary for averting the predicted disasters of decreased energy supply. Communities held together by a social and economic […]

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Radio Sheep

Linda on the Good Food radio show…

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Bioshelter for sale

This is one very cool house, up in Alaska. And it’s for sale. [cont’d] This house is just so unusual in so many ways. The composting toilet that “flushes” with a toss of sphagnum moss. The super-efficient Finnish masonry fireplace that radiates heat all day. The house is so well insulated and has so much […]

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Compared to William Least Heat-Moon? Not bad!

Sippewissett is racking up the kudos, from Booklist and Library Journal to History Wire. Nice job, Tim!

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