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January 2006

Austin Chronicle Update on Diane

The Austin Chronicle wrote this morning that “CodePink co-founder Diane Wilson has concluded her fall book tour…with a stint in the Victoria Co. Jail.” The update from the Chronicle explains that “Once she finishes her sentence – she’ll get out on March 18, if she exhibits good behavior – she’ll face charges in Houston for […]

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Biodiesel and Ethanol to Hit New York Thruway

The New York Times reported Saturday that New Yorkers may start to see biodiesel and corn-based ethanol available at service stations throughout the state. Governor George Pataki is convinced that ethanol could be an effective way to combat NY’s “petroleum problem” if only people knew they could use it in their cars, and could access […]

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Green is the New Red, White and Blue

With Paul Krugman on vacation, Thomas Friedman filled in the NY Times Op-Ed page with a great piece on the urgency of environmentalism, calling it ” the most tough-minded, geostrategic, pro-growth and patriotic thing we can do.” Check out his column.

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Victoria County Redemption

Diane Wilson is still in prison and incommunicado, though we hear from her friend Kinnu that Diane is receiving mail just fine–so thanks for all your support. Diane is riled up about the substandard prison conditions in Texas, and is ready to be a vocal prison rights activist upon her release. Today I heard from […]

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Davidson Loehr on Saint Kermit

A new podcast called Saint Kermit, “inspired by the patron saint of green,” interviewed Davidson Loehr last week, in their final episode of the year. Co-hosts Jim Henderson and Tony Lorenzen have posted their interview here.

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