Choose four

georgia10 over at DailyKos is surveying readers to find out what are the four issues they think should be the recurring, dedicated topics that Democrats repeat ad nauseum in order to win the coming elections. Some suggestions are

Your dead soldier for no reason.
Your outsourced job.
Your massive deficit.
Your warming globe.

1. energy independence
2. healthcare
3. security
4. corruption

(see more responses)

My gut response is Iraq, Corruption/Unconstitutionality, Health Care, and Deficit. Does that count as one, my combining corrupt politicians with Bush’s unconstitutional acts — and the Republican Congress’s failure to hold him in check? If not, then I think I’d drop the Deficit, but it’s a hard call. Of course I wish that I could add Climate and Massive Layoffs and still count that as four items, but oh well.

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