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Employee Owners of Chelsea Green Publishing

In 2012, Chelsea Green became an employee-owned company as a way to “practice what we publish” and lay the groundwork to ensure that the founders’ legacy remained intact in the decades to follow. The move made Chelsea Green unique among book publishers in an industry dominated by investor-driven, multinational corporations. Only a handful of independent book publishers can claim employee-ownership status, and of those Chelsea Green will be near the top in terms of the percentage controlled by employees. With the rise of the Internet, new media platforms, and a constantly shifting bookselling landscape, the future of publishing is anything but predictable. But if Chelsea Green’s books prove anything, it is that, despite these challenges, there remains a hunger for new and important ideas and authors, and for the permanence and craftsmanship of the printed word. Today our ongoing mission is stronger than ever, as we launch into our next thirty years of publishing excellence.

Meet the employee owners of Chelsea Green.

General & Administrative

Margo Photo by Andrew Nemethy2Margo Baldwin, President & Publisher
[email protected]

Photo Credit: Andrew Nemethy

Sandi Eaton2.jpgSandi Eaton, Business & Distribution Director 
[email protected]

Sandi started her journey with Chelsea Green the summer of 1998 she is an integral part of the day to day operations, ranging from A/P, A/R, payroll, royalties, HR, customer service, fulfillment and warehousing. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, photography and traveling the coast of Maine with her husband Dan & dog Archie.

Elizabeth BabcockElizabeth Babcock, Fulfillment & Distribution Assistant 
[email protected]

A local girl and 30-year veteran of the customer service world, Elizabeth joined Chelsea Green in the summer of 2008. Looking to place an order, track a shipment or just have general questions? Contact her to address any of your service needs. Dedicated to providing the highest level of quality service for our readership she goes the extra mile to be sure any issues are fully resolved, and that everyone enjoys a positive Chelsea Green experience.


Joni Praded

Joni Praded has been publishing on the nexus between environment, economy, and politics for more than three decades. At Chelsea Green, she acquires and develops solutions-oriented books exploring climate change, new economics, systems thinking, energy issues, progressive politics, community resilience, food, and other topics related to sustainable living. She serves on the board of the Post Carbon Institute and consults for The Next System Project. Previously, she was director of program advancement for Island Press/Center for Resource Economics; director and editor of Animals, a magazine that focused on wildlife and the environment; and a contributor to various magazines covering the environment and progressive politics. Earlier in her career she worked for Little Brown and Company and Boston Magazine.

Brianne GoodspeedBrianne Goodspeed, Senior Editor and Subrights Manager
[email protected]

Brianne Goodspeed arrived at Chelsea Green in early 2008 at the insistence of her teacher, Dr. Lynn Margulis, after experimenting with every conceivable way of avoiding gainful employment and direct engagement with industrial capitalism. “No matter how far into the desert or deep into the mountains I go, I still can’t get far enough away,” Brianne explained, to which Lynn replied, “There’s a publisher in Vermont. Go see her.” Brianne has been at Chelsea Green ever since and splits her time between editing books and licensing rights. She and her wild young son live in an old millworker’s house near the banks of the Connecticut River.

Ben Watson by Ian AldrichBen Watson, Senior Editor
[email protected]

Ben acquires and edits books in the fields of organic gardening, regenerative agriculture, food culture and traditions, environment, and natural science. He is the author of several books himself, including Cider, Hard and Sweet, and has worked with both Seed Savers Exchange and the Slow Food movement to preserve biodiversity. In recent years he has judged cider competitions around the world, from northern California to northern Spain. In his free time he likes to graft and grow rare varieties of fruit trees and talk your ear off about apples.

Photo Credit: Ian Aldrich

Michael MetivierMichael Metivier, Associate Editor
[email protected]

With a background in natural history writing, Michael is interested in the connections between culture and landscape. Acquisitions and editing projects include Pawpaw; Make Mead Like a Viking; Gods, Wasps and Stranglers; Salted and Cured; and The Independent Farmstead. In addition to writing music and poetry, Michael enjoys craft beer, birdwatching, and movies with lightsabers. He lives with his wife and two daughters at the foot of a mountain in Vermont.

Fern BradleyFern Marshall Bradley, Senior Editor
[email protected] 

Fern Marshall Bradley joined the Chelsea Green staff in 2015. She has worked as a book editor for more than 25 years, including a stint as editor and managing editor of garden books at Rodale, Inc. Fern is the co-editor of Rodale’s All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening and the author of Rodale’s Vegetable Garden Problem Solver and Building Raised Beds. She is also a contra and square dance caller. Fern and her husband enjoy keeping bees, tending a garden, and raising chickens and ducks at their homestead in upstate New York.

Tim HaltemanTim Halteman, Editorial & Subrights Assistant
[email protected] 

As Editorial and Subrights Assistant, Tim helps facilitate developmental editing and acquisitions. In the subrights department, Tim maintains relationships with agents and publishers abroad in pursuit of contracting foreign editions of Chelsea Green books. Also, as part of a team, Tim oversees the production and review of Chelsea Green’s audiobooks.

Makenna GoodmanMakenna Goodman, Senior Editor
[email protected] 

Makenna Goodman focuses on food, integrative medicine, and the links between the environment and health. She has worked on award-winning cookbooks; how-to titles on holistic farming and gardening; and leading edge science exploring the microbiome, the importance of good fats, the ketogenic diet, mitochondrial medicine, epigenetics, and the root causes of metabolic disease. She enjoys working with doctors, cooks, fermenters, activists, parents, farmers, and scientists alike, and believes in the power of books to challenge the traditional structures of information and research. She loves to spend time in the garden, cooking, and running around outside with her kids.


Patricia StonePatricia Stone, Production Director
[email protected]

As production director, Patricia oversees the production and design of all our books and makes sure there are always new books to sell. In her spare time, she is an avid knitter and quilter.

Angela BoyleAngela Boyle, Assistant to the Production Director
[email protected]

As one of the project managers, Angela ensures that after the editorial department finishes working with a manuscript, it is then copyedited, designed, proofread, and printed on time. She also creates impressive Excel sheets to collate research, copyedits various marketing text and whatever else comes across her desk, and draws the occasional illustration. If she ever has time or can think of a joke, she will draw a comic for Chelsea Green.

Alex BullettAlex Bullett, Production Coordinator
[email protected]

As a production coordinator Alex Bullett project manages frontlist titles, keeps backlist titles in stock, and oversees the conversion of ebooks. After years doing freelance limited-edition fine-press work for micro-publishers, he loves that Chelsea Green provides him the opportunity to work on subjects he believes in. Once a week he plays basketball with an over-fifty pickup group in the vain hope that two decades might provide him some competitive advantage.

Melissa JacobsonMelissa Jacobson, Book Designer
[email protected]

Melissa has been designing books at Chelsea Green since 2011. Her covers and page layouts have won awards at the New England Book Show, New York Book Show, and PubWest Book Design Awards. The pica is her favorite unit of measurement—it’s beautifully divisible by 3 and 4! Previously, she worked at Quirk Books where she coordinated production and designed sales materials. She earned her MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking from The University of the Arts and her BFA in Illustration from the University of Connecticut.


 Darrell Koerner2Darrell Koerner, Special and Corporate Sales Manager
[email protected]

Darrell has been with Chelsea Green since 2007, managing specialty retailer accounts and promoting our books into the academic marketplace. He’s proud to represent a great independent publisher of high-quality books, and enjoys working with buyers, retailers, and Chelsea Green staff, who promote and sell our books to the wider world. When not reading, Darrell finds inspiration in nature, writing poetry, and photography. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two cats.

Michael WeaverMichael Weaver, Trade Sales Manager
[email protected]

Michael has worked for Chelsea Green from the West Coast for a dozen years. Prior to that he made his living as a bookseller, magazine editor, travel agent, theatre manager, waiter, actor, and farmer. His interests include permaculture, cob stomping, vocal harmony, amaro, scuba diving, and composting. His addictions start but do not stop at: cheese, the Denver Broncos, buying books at independent bookstores, air travel, to-do lists, and the smell of his dog’s neck. He believes in community living, cocktail hour, and the future collapse of industrial civilization.

Jeffrey SlaytonJeffrey Slayton, Sales Assistant
[email protected]

From 9-5, Monday through Friday, Jeffrey can be found at (or very close to) his cozy cubicle, attempting to bring openness, precision, kindness, and humor to his various tasks and relationships. He resonates acutely with the words of Kahlil Gibran that, “Work is love made visible,” or could be. To paraphrase a famous fellow Vermonter, “If it’s not beautiful, why do it?”

Communications, Digital Marketing, and Events

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Christina ButtChristina Butt, Senior Book Strategist
[email protected]

Christina helps amplify the innovative efforts of Chelsea Green’s authors by reaching out to influential media professionals and like-minded organizations for book reviews, interviews, author profiles, excerpted content, and other coverage. She specializes in books on health, nutrition, food, gardening, the environment, and sustainable agriculture and has worked with some of Chelsea Green’s most recognized authors like New York Times bestseller Sandor Katz. When not chasing after her toddler, Christina can often be found binge-watching Netflix, planning her next DIY home furnishing project, or quietly pondering why she ever decided to take her husband’s last name.

Jenna StewartJenna Stewart, Author Events Manager
[email protected] 

Jenna helps to bring authors to the masses, as Chelsea Green’s author events manager. From major conference keynotes, to hands-on workshops, or intimate bookstore readings, Jenna works behind the scenes with event hosts to introduce Chelsea Green authors to audiences who will benefit from their passion, knowledge, and expertise. Giving people the opportunity to ask questions, face-to-face with someone whose work they admire, doesn’t feel like a job to her, but more a privilege. When she is not tracking authors and their events across the globe, Jenna enjoys spending time at home with her husband and two young children.