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Putting a Cap on the Climate

Posted By Shay On January 15, 2008 @ 10:50 am In Nature & Environment | No Comments

One our newest authors, Peter Barnes, has been getting some great digital ink recently on his cap and divided proposal. It’s an argument he lays out in full in his forthcoming book, Climate Solutions [1]. Even former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has this to say of Barnes’ proposal:

“The best and most efficient way to reduce global warming isn’t a cap-and-trade system that gives historic polluters free rights to pollute in the future, and it’s not a carbon tax that hits poor and middle-income Americans especially hard. It’s a cap-and-auction with dividends to all Americans.”

But, recently the idea was chatted up in the TerraPass newsletter [2], as well as on The New York Times’ dot Earth blog. First, there was a review [3] of the proposal, and then Peter logged on and answered [4] some questions from curious readers.

Peter raises important questions about the kind of climate change policy that our country needs, and our kids deserve. Maybe we can get the candidates talking about these issues instead of the same-old emotional ones? Maybe? Please?

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