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Michael Moore Talks Capitalism on Countdown

Posted By dpacheco On September 30, 2009 @ 2:28 am In Politics & Social Justice | No Comments

There’s no doubt that Michael Moore’s last film, an excellent documentary called Sicko, had a lot to do with health care reform moving to the forefront of the political debate this past year or so. We may even get a few steps closer to actual reform soon, provided the Democrats in Congress remember they work for the American people and not the corporate lobbyists and donors. If Moore’s new film, Capitalism: A Love Story does for corporations what his last one did for the health care crisis, we may even have a shot of changing corporations’ protected “person” status. Riki Ott’s proposed 28th Amendment [1] stripping corporations of “personhood” could actually become law (although the makeup of the conservative SCOTUS would likely have to tilt the other way first).

In this clip, Moore talks about Wall Street and the greed culture in terms that would make Les Leopold [2] (The Looting of America [3]) proud. They brought down the economy through clever gambling schemes that turned investors’ and homeowners’ money into their own personal low-risk high-gain casino. They frightened Congress into passing a massive bailout with no oversight or new regulations. Once again, the rich got richer, the too-big-to-fail got bigger, and the working schmoe got the shaft.

Watch the whole 9-minute segment. It’s worth your time.


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