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LISTEN: Keith Farnish: Could Global Warming Be Stopped by a Total Economic Collapse?

Posted By dpacheco On February 23, 2010 @ 11:35 pm In Nature & Environment | No Comments

Like Derrick Jensen [1], author Keith Farnish [2] believes that our current society can be described as a Culture of Maximum Harm. In essence, economic growth relies on stripping the Earth of its resources without having to put anything back. And for our economic system to continue as it is, it requires endless growth, which is of course unsustainable in the long run.

Farnish appeared on Radio Ecoshock [3] with Alex Smith to talk about possible solutions to this state of affairs:

I think that undermining, or sabotaging the economic growth machine is a fundamentally good thing; some people have said and written that that is effectively terrorism – well, yes, in a way because the…there is something, and I don’t know what the term that is used in the USA but in Britain it’s called Critical National Infrastructure, and the large financial organisations within the UK are protected under various laws, various security laws, and no doubt they are protected under the various Patriot Acts and other laws in the USA because they are considered to be fundamental – they make money for the economy. It is a complete misnomer to place them in the same context as the kinds of things that actively save peoples’ lives like medical services. Yet, they are considered – these financial organisations – are considered by governments to be just as important as medical services, as the water supply, as the food supply, and there’s got to be something wrong there.

Listen Now [4]

Read a transcript of the program on CultureChange.org. [5]


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