How To Prevent Global Warming With Straw Bale House Construction

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Posted on Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 at 4:11 pm by admin

We’ve covered straw bale construction here before. We’ve done it several times. We’ve been publishing books about straw bale houses for years now. So, as you can see, we’re big advocates of straw bale houses—for a wide range of reasons: sustainability, durability, affordability, etc. Sometimes, though, because straw bale construction goes in and out of fashion in the US, it feels as though we’re the lone voice in the void…and it can be lonely.

Well, with the environmental crisis, the debt crisis, the mortgage crisis, and the financial crisis all piling up on people, it seems that straw bale homes are coming back baby! Green Building Elements recently posted an article titled How To Prevent Global Warming With Straw Bale House Construction. I’ve posted an excerpt below. Read the full article here.

Straw bale insulation

You can help stop global warming by living in a well-insulated straw bale home. Straw bales typically provide at least three times better insulation than the average “R-19” wood studwall system. That means less money and energy spent on heating and cooling a living space.

You will stay comfortable longer and experience less fluctuation in indoor temperatures living in a highly insulated straw bale home.

Straw bale homes are natural

Straw bales are not only highly insulative, but they are totally natural, too, unlike typical “pink foam” insulation, which can emit toxic fumes. Straw is a renewable agricultural resource — it is simply the leftover stems from harvested grain, and it’s available in huge quantities. Not only that, but properly protected straw bale walls can last an extremely long time — there are some century-old straw bale homes in Nebraska.

Ultimately, straw bale building provides an appealing way how to prevent global warming. Straw is a nontoxic, renewable resource with low embodied energy, and they are truly effective for home insulation, as has been proven through decades of building design.

Read the full article here.

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