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Green Your Home with our Building Books: 35% Off

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Hammer? Check. Nails? Check. Straw bale? Cob? Natural paints? Passive solar? Deep Energy Retrofit? Increasingly, homeowners are integrating homes into the natural landscape, building with natural materials or boosting the energy efficiency of an older house as a way to tread lightly on the environment and live more comfortably.

Books for Green Builders: On Sale for 35% Off Until July 3rd

Before you put hammer to nail, we’ve put a selection of our keystone books on sale to inspire you to think about natural building methods for your next green building project.

Happy reading (and building) from the folks at Chelsea Green Publishing!

The Greened House Effect: Renovating Your Home with a Deep Energy Retrofit


The Greened House Effect Cover [1]
Retail: $29.95
Discount: $19.47

The Greened House Effect is inspiring, empowering, informative, and entertaining. Jeff Wilson puts a human face on a technical undertaking by relating his family’s Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) story as an adventure drama—with defining moments, ‘learning experiences,’ and palpable joys—interspersed with solid advice about how to carry out one’s own DER. At the same time, Wilson views a single DER in the context of a growing movement that can positively impact our economy, environmental pollution, and national security. The Greened House Effect means a better life, for one family and for the world.”—Carol Venolia, architect, Come Home to Nature, and co-author, Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green Housed

Read Ch 1: Why A Deep Energy Retrofit? HERE…. [2] 

The Natural Building Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to Integrative Design and Construction


The Natural Building Companion Cover [3]
Includes instructional DVD!
Retail: $59.95
Discount: $38.97


The Natural Building Companion is a joy to read. The approach is holistic, the style is generous, and the authors gracefully balance technical details, beautiful spaces, and big ecological questions. This book empowers the reader to make choices that matter—for their own home and for the health of our planet.”—Paul Lacinski, coauthor of Serious Straw Bale 

Learn how to make paint from milk curds —  watch the video HERE… [4]


Passive Solar Architecture: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Daylighting, and More Using Natural Flows



Passive Solar Architecture Cover [5]
Retail: $85.00
Discount: $55.25

“If you read just one book on sustainable building, choose Passive Solar Architecture. In this single-volume handbook, authors David A. Bainbridge and Ken Haggard use warmth and wit to give readers a thorough understanding of passive heating and cooling. In an overheated world, where buildings gobble up the biggest share of energy, this book should be required reading for contractors, architects, homeowners and anyone who cares about housing.” —Nicolette Toussaint, architectural designer



Natural Building Classics and Bestsellers



The Hand-Sculpted House Cover [6]

Retail: $35.00
Sale: $22.75

Read More The Hand-Sculpted House [6]

Build Your Own Earth Oven Cover [7]

Retail: $17.95
Sale: $11.67

Read More Build Your Own Earth Oven [7]

The Straw Bale House Cover [8]

Retail: $34.95
Sale: $22.72

Read More The Straw Bale House [8]

Natural Building Books: 35% Off Until July 3rd



A Handmade Life Cover [9]

 Retail: $25.00
Sale: $16.25

Read More A Handmade Life [9]

The Earth-Sheltered House Cover [10]

Retail: $29.95
Sale: $19.47

Read More The Passive Solar House [10]

The Woodland House Cover [11]

Retail: $29.95
Sale: $19.47
The Natural House Lot [11]

The Solar House Cover [12]

Retail: $29.95
Sale: $19.47

Read More The Solar House [12]

The Passive Solar House Cover [13]

Retail: $40.00
Sale: $26.00

Read More The Passive Solar House [13]

The Natural House Cover

Retail: $40.00
Sale: $26.00

The Natural House Lot



Masonry Heaters Cover

Retail: $39.95
Sale: $25.97

Read More Masonry Heaters

The Book of Masonry Stoves Cover 

Retail: $35.00
Sale: $22.75

Read More What Then Must We Do?

Roundwood Timber Framing Cover [14]

Retail: $39.95
Sale: $25.97

Read More Roundwood Timber Framing [14]



Serious Straw Bale Cover [15]

Retail: $34.95
Sale: $

Read More Serious Straw Bale [15]

Cob Builders Handbook Cover [16]

Retail: $23.95
Sale: $15.57

Read More Cob Builders Handbook [16]

The Complete Yurt Handbook Cover [17]

Retail: $21.95
Sale: $

Read The Complete Yurt Handbook [17]

Stone House Cover

Retail: $34.95
Sale: $22.72

Read More Stone House

The Slate Roof Bible Cover [18]

Retail: $34.95
Sale: $22.72

Read More The Slate Roof Bible [18]

Adobe Homes for All Climates Cover [19]

Retail: $34.95
Sale: $22.72

Read More Adobe Homes for All Climates [19]

Independent Builder Cover [20]

Retail: $40.00
Sale: $26.00

Read More Independent Builder [20]

Living Homes Cover [21]

Retail: $30.00
Sale: $19.50

Read More Living Homes [21]

Energy Free Cover [22]

Retail: $25.00
Sale: $16.25

Read More Farms with a Future [22]


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Free shipping for orders $100 or more is applied after the discount is applied.


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