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Gordon Edgar: Cheese-a-Topia Favorites

Posted By admin On September 8, 2010 @ 12:00 pm In Food & Health | Comments Disabled

I realized that I have a lot of favorites from the ACS this year so I better start posting them now.

First off, let’s do the non-cheeses. Remember, I’m only going to be posting about dairy products that I haven’t written about before. (You can find previous year’s favorites by following these links: 2009, [1] 2008 [2], and 2007 [3]).

Three Happy Cows Organic Acai Blueberry Drinkable Yogurt [4]

I know nothing about this company. Do they only have three cows? That seems unlikely. Are only three of their cows happy? How many total cows do they have? Wouldn’t the percentage of their cows that are happy be a more meaningful statistic?

A little digging shows that they are owned by an Indian (South Asian) food company in Texas called Kaurina’s [5]. Well, I’m a Californian, I don’t really know anything about them either. I can’t give you any inside scoop so, I’ll just say that I judged this category (Flavor Added Yorgurt/All Milks) and I loved this yogurt drink. I had seconds even though I was tasting all 39 flavored yogurts. It’s organic and the bottle is really nice looking too.

This article originally appeared on gordonzola.net [6]

Gordon Edgar is the author of Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge [7].

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