Bumper stickered and dangerous

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2006 at 3:57 pm by JTE

The Progressive reports on two Homeland Security brownshirts in Idaho hassling people for having bumper stickers on their cars. (Actually, the story is about them hassling one particular person–whose stickers express an anti-war sentiment–and who drives a truck, not a car. Not that there’s a big difference, but some people take their trucks very seriously and I’d hate to offend.)

But then, on February 7, at his day job for a federal natural resource agency, Scarbrough got a call from, of all places, Homeland Security.

An official told him to come out to the parking lot and said he was in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations.

When Scarbrough came out, he found two armed officers of Homeland Security, who told him he was violating the regulation against the posting of signs on federal property.

(Scarbrough, fearing trouble, brought a tape recorder along and taped the entire confrontation. You can read a transcript at the Boise Weekly, which broke the story on February 15 in an excellent article by Nicholas Collias.)

Scarbrough tried to point out that those signs were not on federal property but on his own private property—his personal truck.

And by the way, the signs were really subversive, like “Honor Vets, Wage Peace,” and “Another Veteran Against War with Iraq.”

“Sir, you’ve got signs posted on your vehicle. I’m informing you that you’re in violation,” one officer told him, according to the transcript.

Scarbrough: “That’s not illegal. That’s not illegal.”

When Scarbrough accused them of harassment, they continued to demand that he remove the signs or be cited for a violation.

“You know this is BS,” Scarbrough told them. “So any vehicle that comes on with, like a police sign, or with delivery or FedEx or something, that’s not a sign?”

To which the officer replied: “All signs are prohibited.”

“It’s crap and you know it,” Scarbrough said.

Yes indeed, that is some major crap. It’s so cliched I feel bad writing this, but where in the hell do these sorts of thugs come from? How does anyone get raised in this country to believe that it’s okay to quash expression of opposing opinions? It’s all the more baffling since the opinions expressed by Scarbrough’s stickers are pretty durn tame. It’s not like he had a sticker that said “Dear Osama Bin Laden, please have one of your terrorists put a bomb in my truck so that I can drive it into a nursery school and kill lots of innocent infidel Christian children.” Someone needs to give these fascist tools a swirly asap.


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