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  • General & Administrative
    • Margo Baldwin, President & Publisher
    • Sandi Eaton, Business & Distribution Director
    • Elizabeth Babcock, Fulfillment & Distribution Assistant
  • Editorial & Production
    • Joni Praded, Senior Editor
    • Brianne Goodspeed, Senior Editor and Subrights Manager
    • Makenna Goodman Senior Editor
    • Ben Watson, Senior Editor
    • Michael Metivier, Associate Editor
    • Bill Bokermann, Director of Print Buying and Ebook Distribution
    • Patricia Stone, Production Director
    • Alex Bullett, Assistant to the Production Manager
    • Melissa Jacobson, Book Designer
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Darrell Koerner, Special and Corporate Sales Manager
    • Michael Weaver, Trade Sales Manager
    • Jeffrey Slayton, Sales Assistant
    • Shay Totten, Communications Director
    • Christina Butt, Media and Communications Associate
    • Jenna Stewart, Author Events Manager
    • For the Media: Click here to request a review copy of one of our books.

  • Web
    • Gretchen Kruesi, Online Marketing Manager


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