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Hemp Bound

Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution

by Doug Fine

In Hemp Bound, bestselling author Doug Fine embarks on a journey to meet the men and women who are testing, researching, and pioneering hemp's use in the twenty-first century. Hemp's fibers are among the planet's strongest, its seed oil the most nutritious, and its potential as an energy source vast and untapped. It's one downside? For nearly a century, it's been illegal to grow industrial cannabis in the United States. As the prohibition on hemp's psychoactive cousin winds down, one of humanity's longest-utilized plants will help rejuvenate the American economy.

"Hemp Bound is informative, entertaining, and chock full of stories about hemp farmers, wannabe hemp farmers, passionate activists, and savvy business people. It is a fun book to read and hopefully, alongside aggressive legalization at the state level, it will help break down the roadblocks to production that the cotton, vegetable oil, plastics, lumber, and paper corporations constructed and maintained since shortly after the Second World War. Doug Fine is right: this incredible plant could be a boon to large and small farmers and rural communities—one that we have been prohibited from growing in this country for more than fifty years. Hemp's time has come again."

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