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ISBN: 9780942256079
Year Added to Catalog: 2004
Book Format: VHS
Book Art: age level: 8 and up
Number of Pages: 26 minutes, 48 page teaching guide
Book Publisher: Flower Press
Old ISBN: 0942256077
Release Date: January 19, 2004
Web Product ID: 40

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Video and Teaching Guide

by Billy B. & the Brennan Kids, Caton Gauthier, Mary Appelhof

Wormania! offers kids a rare opportunity to view exciting images of live worms at work, and demonstrates how anatomy and physiology can be taught without having to dissect the worm. See a nightcrawler drag a leaf across the ground, the rhythmic beating of a worm's five pairs of hearts, and a baby worm hatching from its cocoon.

Songwriter and entertainer Billy B. Brennan and the Brennan kids, Julian, Shannon, and James make this a fast-paced, educational, and entertaining video.

For more information, check out the Wormania! website.

About the Authors

Billy B. & the Brennan Kids

For more information, check out the Wormania! website. ...

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Mary Appelhof

Mary Appelhof was recognized as an international authority and lecturer on small-scale vermicomposting. As owner of Flowerfield Enterprises and Flower Press, she dedicated over 20 years to the research, development, and marketing of products related to the earthworm, such as the Worm-a-way worm bin for which she held both Canadian and USA patents. Mary received many honors including a National Science Foundation grant, was an invited speaker at the Global Assembly of Women and the Environment, and received special merit recognition as one of Renew America's Environmental Success Stories. Mary also coordinated the international research conference workshop on the Role ...

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