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Book Data

ISBN: 9781603583220
Year Added to Catalog: 2011
Book Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Number of Pages: 400
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green
Release Date: October 31, 2011
Web Product ID: 639

Also By This Author

When Disaster Strikes

A Comprehensive Guide for Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival

by Matthew Stein

Foreword by James Wesley, Rawles

Table of Contents


Part 1: Preparing for a Crisis
1. Where There Is a Need, There Is a Way
2. Your Preparedness Plan
3. Stored Food and Other Supplies
4. Home Is Where the Hearth Is

Part 2: Emergency Medicine and Survival Tips
5. First Aid
6. Staying Healthy in a Crisis or Pandemic
7. Emergency Survival
8. Water: Requirements, Purification & Storage
9. Communication

Part 3: When Disaster Strikes
10. Fire!
11. Earthquake!
12. Hurricanes and Floods
13. Winter Storms: How to Handle the Cold without Power
14. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Solar Storms
15. The Unthinkable: Surviving a Nuclear Disaster

Part 4:
16. Self-Defense and Personal Protection
17. Be a Survivor!

1. Recommended References
2. Recommended Resources
3. Basic Electricity Primer



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