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Joel Davidson & Fran Orner tell you everything you need to know to go solar.

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ISBN: 9780937948170
Year Added to Catalog: 2008
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Photographs and Diagrams
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Number of Pages: 491
Book Publisher: aatec publications
Release Date: September 9, 2008
Web Product ID: 436

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The Complete Guide to Photovoltaics for Your Home

by Fran Orner, Joel Davidson


Living Now Book Awards
Silver: Green Living Category

The Complete Guide to Photovoltaics for Your Home

The original Photovoltaics How-To Handbook, acclaimed as "the Best of the Books," is now revised, expanded & updated for our New Age of Photovoltaics. Condensing years of hands-on & industry experience, PV pioneers Joel Davidson & Fran Orner tell you everything you need to know to go solar.

  • Chapters 1 through 8 explain the basics of PV, discuss the policies & regulations that affect your system, and guide you in your decision-making.
  • Chapters 9 through 15 examine the components of a PV system—how they work and how to select them.
  • Chapters 16 through 19 offer instructions on how to size, site, install & maintain a code-compliant PV system.
  • Chapter 20 offers a glimpse into the future of PV.

The third edition of this how-to classic provides the facts, guidelines, tips & tools—worksheets, formulas, diagrams, online. Whether you do-ti-yourself or hire professionals. Grid-connect or off-grid. Wherever you live—sunbelt, snowbelt or in-between.

A complete, concise & reality-based education in solar electricity for your home

About the Authors

Fran Orner

Fran Orner has over 20 years of PV system design and installation experience. She illustrated the 1987 edition of The New Solar Electric Home and co-authored the latest edition. Fran is an accomplished construction do-it-yourselfer and designer. Her home is one of the first net-metered PV systems in California to receive the solar rebate. ...

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Joel Davidson

Joel Davidson has been a PV consultant to governments, utility companies, businesses, and homeowners. He is recognized as one of the founders of the commercial PV industry. ...

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