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ISBN: 9780963452030
Year Added to Catalog: 2004
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: b&w illustrations, appendices, resources, glossary, index
Number of Pages: 6 x 9, 250 pages
Book Publisher: OttoGraphics
Old ISBN: 0963452037
Release Date: January 16, 1995
Web Product ID: 204

Also By This Author

The Backyard Orchardist

A Complete Guide to Growing Fruit Trees in the Home Garden

by Stella Otto

1994 Benjamin Franklin Award Winner

For every gardener desiring to add apples, pears, cherries, and other tree fruit to their landscape here are hints and solid information from a professional horticulturist and experienced fruit grower. The Backyard Orchardist includes help on selecting the best fruit trees and information about each stage of growth and development, along with tips on harvest and storage of the fruit. Those with limited space will learn about growing dwarf fruit trees in containers.

Appendices include a fruit-growers monthly calendar, a trouble-shooting guide for reviving ailing trees, and a resource list of nurseries selling fruit trees.

About the Author

Stella Otto

Author of the 1994 Benjamin Franklin Award winner, The BackYard Orchardist, Stella Otto has more than sixteen years of hands-on experience in fruit growing. As a horticultural instructor, consultant, and fruit farm owner she has repeatedly faced the questions presented in the Backyard Berry Book and offers practical, realistic solutions.

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