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ISBN: 9780473148218
Year Added to Catalog: 2009
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Photos
Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11
Number of Pages: 214
Book Publisher: Stonefield Publishing
Old ISBN: 0473148218
Release Date: September 17, 2009
Web Product ID: 485

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Stone House, Revised and Expanded

A Guide to Building with Slipforms

by Tomm Stanley

Have you ever dreamed of building or at least living in a beautiful stone house? 

For more than five years Stonefield Publishing’s Stone House – A Guide to Self-Building with Slipforms has been the prime source for information on a unique method of stone masonry that affords everyone, regardless of their level of building experience, the opportunity to create walls and even homes of stone. 

“The technique has been around for a long time,” says author Tomm Stanley, “but it’s not that well known.  Add to that the mystique that surrounds the traditional craft of stonemasonry and there’s no wonder that stone houses are not all that common, even in areas where stone is abundant”.

The book has now been revised and is being re-released with two new chapters, digital enhancement to the original images and new photographs.  Stonefield Publishing’s Marketing Manager Brad Andersen notes, “We’ve received a lot of great feedback from readers over the years but one consistent issue was the image quality.  We took those comments to heart and with technology that wasn’t available to us back in 2003 have just brought the photos to life”.

Tomm says that writing the new chapters and preparing the revised edition for print allowed him to finally complete his original vision of the book.  “One of the new chapters, called Reflections, could only have been written after the passage of time.  It’s about looking back and thinking about what could have been done differently, what worked very well and also speculating on potential targets for future alteration.  It really finished the story for me and makes it more complete for readers.”

Stone House focuses on the story of Tomm Stanley’s own experience of building his house with the slipform method.  This book is certainly not your average “how-to” offering; it is more like a tapestry of information and entertainment interwoven with technical advice, diagrams and pictures, tales of the owner builder experience and as the title implies, plenty of guidance on how to build your own stone house using the slipform method of construction.  It makes great reading for those that are on the way to becoming self-builders as well as the rest of us that dream of such adventures.

About the Author

Tomm Stanley

Tomm Stanley is an American who has been living in New Zealand since 1995. On his rural New Zealand property Tomm has created an environmentally friendly, off-the-grid lifestyle that provides a balance to his professional life as an international management consultant. His web-based business,, assists in funding his personal mission of restoring the former hillside farm, now infested with an imported plant weed, to its natural, forested state.


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