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ISBN: 9781603583886
Year Added to Catalog: 2011
Book Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Number of Pages: 336
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Release Date: January 23, 2012
Web Product ID: 646

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Occupy World Street

A Global Roadmap for Radical Economic and Political Reform

by Ross Jackson


"Ross Jackson's reform proposals for our global institutions are more than astonishing--they are mind-blowing--pure creative genius. Let's do it!"

Clinton Callahan, author of Directing The Power of Conscious Feelings.

"Many writers have inventoried the unfolding disasters that threaten the human future. Ross Jackson is one of the very few who goes on to spell out a visionary, yet practical, program of sufficient ambition to achieve a positive future. Best of all, he draws on his distinctive experience and credentials as a global currency trader to outline sound proposals for redesigning the badly flawed systems of global trade and finance that currently drive the world toward economic, social, and environmental collapse. This is a truly important book."

David Korten, co-founder of YES! Magazine, author of Agenda for a New Economy

"Occupy World Street is a monumental and inspirational call to action--and a long-awaited blueprint for how the actions should be implemented."

John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

"Occupy World Street is a profound and urgently needed roadmap for the future of human civilization."

Will Keepin, author of Divine Duality.

"The Occupy World Street initiative has the potential to unite hundreds of NGOs and millions of ordinary citizens in the streets behind a single simple proposal (that could change the current dysfunctional game."

Hazel Henderson, author of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy.

"A brilliantly detailed template for how to materialize enlightened global society."

Llyn Roberts, author of Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness.

"Occupy World Street is a masterpiece which deserves to get wide circulation and commitment by world leaders."

Maurice Strong, Secretary-General of the UN Earth Summit, Rio 1992.

"Ross Jackson has written the definitive analysis of why the current system cannot reform itself and why a completely new system must be born."

Jim Garrison, Chairman and President, State of the World Forum.

"Ross Jackson presents us with an extraordinary global plan to tackle the multiple crises of our times--awesome in conception, sensitive in detail, and realistic enough to succeed."

Richard Register, author of Ecocities—Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature.

"Ross Jackson offers practical solutions to the course correction so sorely needed today."

John Renesch, author of Getting to the Better Future.

"Ross Jackson, who is one of the world's wise elders, describes a range of new global institutions that can give birth to a world of sustainable prosperity."

Duane Elgin, author of The Living Universe.

"Amazing! Ross Jackson's proposal for post-collapse strategy is the first plausible, constructive scenario I have seen."

Dennis Meadows, co-author, The Limits to Growth.

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