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ISBN: 9781603583862
Year Added to Catalog: 2013
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Full-Color Throughout
Dimensions: 7 x 10
Number of Pages: 288
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green
Release Date: September 16, 2013
Web Product ID: 648

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Market Farming Success, Revised and Expanded Edition

The Business of Growing and Selling Local Food

by Lynn Byczynski

"With over 20 years of market gardening experience and teaching others the ins and outs of it via her wonderful publication, Growing for Market, Lynn Byczynski has created an up-to-date guidebook for direct-market farmers. Whether you grow vegetables, berries, herbs, plants, or other horticultural crops, Market Farming Success is a practical must-read. I took home useful bits of advice about sizing and building hoophouses, different trays and inserts for seeding transplants, storing leftover seed, bed mulches, working with restaurants, creating good intern relationships, types of insurance to consider as a market gardener--and found an appendix full of places to seek out more information. The stories and photos of farms around the country brought the information to life and provided me with new ideas. This book will no doubt become a dog-eared reference guide that is pulled from my bookshelf often as we develop our new diversified farm."

Rebecca Thistlethwaite, Sustain Consulting and author of Farms with a Future: Creating and Growing a Sustainable Farm Business

Market Farming Success offers an insider’s guide to market gardening and farming for those in the business of growing and selling food, flowers, herbs, or plants. Condensing decades of growing experience from every part of the United States and Canada, Lynn Byczynski—editor of Growing for Market—identifies key areas that usually trip up beginners and shows growers how to avoid common obstacles.

This book differentiates between market gardens, market farms, and vegetable farms, and offers a concise and useful overview of how to find land, select and grow crops, acquire appropriate equipment according to scale, market produce, and tackle recordkeeping, insurance, and other business matters.

Focusing on factors that are common to market gardeners everywhere, Byczynski offers professional advice that includes:

  • How much you will need to spend to start a market farming business;
  • How much you can expect to earn;
  • Which crops bring in the most money—and whether or not you should grow them;
  • Essential tools and equipment you’ll need;
  • The best places to sell your products;
  • How to keep records to maximize profits and minimize taxes;
  • A discussion of organic practices, techniques, and certification; and,
  • Tricks of the trade that will make you more efficient in the greenhouse, field, and market.

This new Chelsea Green edition of a 2006 classic is greatly updated and expanded, and includes full-color photos, charts, and graphs, plus many inspiring and instructive profiles of successful market farming pioneers. This book will help the aspiring or beginning farmer advance quickly and confidently through the inevitable learning curve of starting a new business.

About the Author

Lynn Byczynski

Lynn Byczynski edits and publishes Growing for Market, a periodical for market gardeners and farmers that has been published since 1992. She is also the author of The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers (Chelsea Green, 2007) and The Hoophouse Handbook. She and her husband own Seeds from Italy, the U.S. mail-order distributor for Franchi Sementi, an Italian heirloom seed company. They own a small farm near Lawrence, Kansas, where they grow cut flowers and Italian vegetables. ...

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