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ISBN: 9781890132224
Year Added to Catalog: 1991
Book Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 6 x 9, 320 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1890132225
Release Date: March 10, 1999
Web Product ID: 243

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by David Budbill

Table of Contents

Part I
Hermie 3
Old Man Pike 5
Anson 6
Bill 9
Antoine 11
Arnie 21

Antoine and I Go Fishing 25
Why I Came to Judevine 27
Antoine on Hunting and Some Spooks 36

Jimmy 38
Envoy to Jimmy 40
Albert 41
The Two Old Guys at Albert's 42
Granny 45
A Transcription of Granny's Monologues 49

Forrest 51
Going Places 51
Sarah 52
Raymond and Ann 55
Poem for a Man Whose Wife Has Died 62

Crazy Two-Foot Makes It Round Again 63

Part II
Journey for the North 81

Roy McInnes 90
Cyd 96
Sally Tatro's Place 98
Envoy to Sally's Place 98
Beaudry's Lawn Sale 100
Elegy for Charlie Ketter 101
Jerry's Garage 102
Need, Necessity, Delight, or, A Washing Machine for a Flower Pot 105
Ben 107
Conrad 108
Jerry Willey's Lunch 110
The Gastronomic Triptych Which Is Sam Hines' Life 111
Lucy and Jerry 112

Between Hills Briefly Green 116

The Mill 121
Alice Twiss 122
Envoy to Alice 127

Abraham Washington Davis 129
Flossie 132
Twelve Old Ladies All in Black 134

The Postmaster and the Clerk 135
Antoine on the Bowser Factory, Women, Love, and Loneliness 141

The Hopper Place 144
Carol Hopper 145
Sam Hines and the Christmas Mittens 146
The Buddhas of Judevine 147

Corot's Pool 151

Homage to Thomas Hardy 156

Part III
Ghosts 159
Tommy 160
Grace 161
Bobbie 166
Doug 166
Envoy to Doug 169
Gossip at the Rink 170
A Fleeting Animal 176

A Pulp Cutters' Nativity 177

What I Heard at Roy McInnes' 218
Incident with the Bear 219
Tommy Again Finally 221
Grace Speaks 225

Part VI
The Fire Burns Brighter the Darker It Gets 229

How I Came to Get the Poems that Tommy Wrote for Grace 247
Oh! Thirteen Poems by Tommy Stames 251
Reprise for Tommy 266

Raymond and Sarah Again 267
Raymond Kills a Deer 277
Envoy to Raymond and Sarah Again 282
Requiem for a Hill Farm 284
What Really Happened 285
Sarah's New Friend 287

Grace Again 288

Sarah's Boy 293
What I Heard at the Discount Department Store 294
The End Is the Beginning 295

After Twenty Years 302
Driving Home at Night 306
Index of Titles 308

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