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ISBN: 9780970869630
Year Added to Catalog: 2005
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Herbal Repertory for Lyme Disease, Appendix, Resource Lists, References, Bibliography
Number of Pages: 6 x 9, 288 pages
Book Publisher: Raven Press
Old ISBN: 0970869630
Release Date: September 1, 2005
Web Product ID: 172

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Healing Lyme

Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and Its Coinfections

by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Associated Articles

Lyme Experts Discuss Alternatives to Antibiotics for Treatment of Lyme Disease on Interview Series


December 18, 2006

Health practitioner and master herbalist discuss symptoms and alternative therapies in treatment of Lyme Disease on Lyme Research Database Interview series. Listeners hear health care practitioner Jean Reist and herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner talk about the latest treatments including alternative therapies and supportive lifestyle changes. "Conversations with Experts" is a unique audio interview series in which Lyme-literate experts speak about symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. Read more at

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) December 18, 2006 -- Health care practitioner and rehabilitation specialist Jean Reist, R.N., and master herbalist and author of Healing Lyme, Stephen Harrod Buhner, discuss conventional and alternative approaches to the treatment of Lyme Borreliosis as part of a series of interviews on the Lyme Disease Research Database. Interviews with Reist and Buhner are the latest additions to the unique audio series, "Conversations with Experts." Listeners hear from physicians, nurses, health care practitioners and other professionals who work on the front lines in an attempt to understand and help people heal from Lyme disease. These Lyme-literate experts speak about their research and discoveries regarding symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

Jean Reist, R.N., is a health care practitioner and rehabilitation specialist who treats Lyme patients. Reist, a veteran in the medical community, is a tireless advocate of teaching patients to take responsibility for their own healing. "Most essential is diet and lifestyle change," she says. Although she admits she has never seen a more terrible disease than Lyme, she emphasizes, "There is hope."

Buhner is an award-winning author of ten books about herbs and sacred plant medicines, including Healing Lyme. He discusses the Lyme infection, the spirochete and the political dilemmas inherent in Lyme disease that have led to what he refers to as the "Lyme Wars."

"I think probably the most difficult thing Lyme patients have to deal with is the lack of understanding in the medical community and how they're treated by the medical community," says Buhner. "So many of them are told it's all in their heads. So many of them are misdiagnosed. So many of them are told that after they do a regular course of antibiotics they should be well, and if they aren't, well, then that's their problem, it's something wrong with them, mentally."

Conversations with Experts also includes interviews with Lyme literate physician researchers Lee Cowden, M.D., JoAnne Whitaker, M.D., and many others. Listeners can expect to hear discussions of symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme. Health advocate Christine Horner, M.D. explains the importance of detoxification and balance when healing from a serious disease. Award-winning filmmaker Andy Abrahams Wilson is also interviewed in the series. His film company, Open Eye Pictures, will release its documentary, Under Our Skin: the Untold Story of Lyme Disease, in 2007.

For additional information about this unique and valuable audio interview series, Conversations with Experts, To access all LDRD Press Releases go to

About LDRD ( LDRD offers two tiers of service to the Lyme population. 1) Free basic information about the disease for visitors to the web site, 2) Memberships to the web site, which includes access to this unique audio interview series, Conversations with Experts, a growing resource in which Lyme disease experts discuss all aspects of the illness, including diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Private health and wellness advocates have been gathering information on conventional and integrative approaches to heal from Lyme disease since 2005.

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