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ISBN: 9781933609034
Year Added to Catalog: 2007
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: illustrations
Number of Pages: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4, 352 pages
Book Publisher: Daisyworld Press
Release Date: June 15, 2007
Web Product ID: 78

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Gaia Girls: Way of Water

by Lee Welles


Fiction / Fantasy - Children / Young Adult


Mom's Choice Awards: Gold Book Award for Juvenile Fiction (ages 9-12)


The adventure continues in the second book of the Gaia Girls series.

For Ages 9 and up

Miho's backyard had always been the sea. The creatures within it were an endless source of fascination. But when the sea steals away her small family, she finds herself the ward of an uncle she has never met and submerged in a world she has never known: Japan.

From the city of Nagoya to the seaside town of Goza, Miho struggles to fit in and navigate the language, the culture, and her own grief. It is in Goza that she discovers her surprising family history and finds new teachers.

She is befriended by an old man who becomes her sensei and teaches her Sho-do, The Way of the Brush. And it is there she meets Gaia, the living entity of the Earth. Gaia grants her amazing powers to connect with the "minds in the water," and Miho is given access and understanding to all the world's oceans.

Will she be able to use her powers to help balance the traditions of the past with the demands of the present? Can she overcome her outsider status to help others understand the Way of Water?

Listen to author Lee Welles talk about the series on Planet Check.

December 2006
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The Gaia Girls Series


What would you do if you could hear the Earth asking for help? In the Gaia Girls book series, that is what happens to four girls, each from a different region of the world. They are approached by Gaia, the living organism of the Earth. Each is endowed with powers over one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. They must learn to use their powers to help Gaia survive the effects of modern humanity. Visit for more information.

About the Author

Lee Welles

Lee Welles is a freelance writer who lives and works in upstate New York. The Gaia Girls series was inspired by her personal experience as a summer camp nature director, her love of the outdoors, and reading about James Lovelock's Gaia Theory. Ms.Welles regularly appears on television and radio as a wellness expert and writes a weekly wellness column.


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