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Book Data

ISBN: 9781603580892
Year Added to Catalog: 2008
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Color illustrations and graphs
Dimensions: 5 x 8
Number of Pages: 144
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Release Date: March 4, 2009
Web Product ID: 438

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Future Scenarios

How Communities Can Adapt to Peak Oil and Climate Change

by David Holmgren

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction: Energy and History
    • Energetic Foundations of Human History
    • The Next Energy Transition
  2. Energy Futures
    • Four Energy Futures
    • Views of the Future
  3. Climate Change and Peak Oil
    • Climate Change
    • Energy Reserves and Production Peaks
    • Collapsing Oil Exports
    • Net Energy Return
    • Associated Issues
  4. Descent Scenarios
    • Scenario Planning
    • Interaction of Peak Oil and Climate Change
    • The Four Energy-Descent and Climate-Change Scenarios
    • Scenarios Summary
  5. Interpreting the Scenarios
    • Global and Local Perspectives
    • Cuba: Brown Tech, Green Tech or Earth Steward?
    • Depressing and Positive Scenarios
    • Different Scenarios in Different Places
    • Stepped Energy-Descent Pathways Linking the Scenarios
    • Nested Scenarios
    • Relevance of Mainstream Ideas of Sustainability to Energy Descent
    • Relevance of Environmental Principles
    • Meta-Scenarios of Permaculture
  6. Conclusion


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