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ISBN: 9781931498715
Year Added to Catalog: 2004
Book Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 5 3/8 x 8 3/8, 144 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1931498717
Release Date: September 1, 2004
Web Product ID: 292

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Don't Think of an Elephant!

Know Your Values and Frame the Debate

by George Lakoff

OpEd News Review


by Rob Kall
November 19, 2004

The Republicans have spent 30+ years framing the issues. They've invested hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in think tanks that devise strategies for pitching policies, for wrapping policies in words and language. They literally have a play book on how to frame the issues—the words and phrases to use and not use.

George Lakoff shines light on the way that language is used by the republicans and right wingers and then goes further, explaining the ways people think-- the images and language they use in their heads. He explores the moral/political value systems that drive liberals and conservatives. Then he explains how to take back the language, the words and the dialogue.

If you haven't read his work—either this book or his longer, more academic one, Moral Politics, then you will probably routinely fall into the trap of using language and words that the right wing has loaded with framing, spin and meaning that already has you at a disadvantage by just uttering those words.

Once you've read the book, you'll understand the buzzwords and phrases that the right wing routinely uses in their speeches and talking points. I can't imagine attempting to understand today's politics without digesting a serious dose of Lakoff.



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