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ISBN: 9781899233168
Year Added to Catalog: 2009
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: Color photographs
Dimensions: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
Number of Pages: 132
Book Publisher: Eco-Logic Books
Release Date: February 16, 2010
Web Product ID: 524

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Asian Vegetables

A Guide to Growing Fruit, Vegetables and Spices from the Asian Subcontinent

by Sally Cunningham

"Up to now there's been a lack of an accessible book on the various Indian vegetables, fruit and herbs which appear in the markets and Asian greengrocers... Sally Cunningham has done a painstaking job - often talking to the older generation of Asians. She has also tried to grow them herself so the practical information is detailed and has the stamp of authority that only comes from first hand experience."

Joy Larkcom, author of Oriental Vegetables and Creative Vegetable Gardening, among others

"Asian Vegetables" is a unique and fascinating book that broadens the kitchen gardener’s horizons and genuinely says something new.

"Asian Vegetables" brings together a wealth of information on over 40 varieties of fruit, vegetables and spices that are grown on the Indian subcontinent and form a distinctive part of the unique cuisine in that part of the world.

Each plant comes together with details of what to look for when buying, the different varieties available, their nutritional value, comprehensive cultivation instructions, useful colour photographs and much more. Most can be grown almost anywhere, though some will grow best and thrive in the warmer, wetter parts of this country. The author Sally Cunningham has personally researched, grown, cooked and eaten every plant mentioned in this book.

With this unique guide both the experienced gardener and those new to growing will bring variety and a fresh, new dimension to the food on their plates and the plants in their garden.

About the Author

Sally Cunningham

The author, Sally Cunningham, has been a professional organic gardener for nearly 30 years. She has been Deputy Head Gardener at the prestigious Ryton Organic Gardens and worked on a variety of projects from setting up Community Allotments to gardener at Belgrave Hall, a garden founded in 1500. Her work with the Plantcultures project (run jointly by Kew Botanical Gardens and Leicester Museums) gave her an opportunity to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Since moving to Leicester in the early 80s she has been intrigued by the exciting mixture of food cultures of that city. And what started out as fascination ...

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