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ISBN: 9781933392271
Year Added to Catalog: 2006
Book Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 6 x 9, 391 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1933392274
Release Date: September 15, 2006
Web Product ID: 3

Also By This Author

An Unreasonable Woman

A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas

by Diane Wilson

Foreword by Kenny Ausubel

Film Clip

See the premiere of Texas Gold on the Sundance Channel this Spring 2007!

Texas Gold will be part of The Green series documentaries on the Sundance Channel.

View a trailer for Texas Gold, a Turtle Island Films production. Directed and produced by Carolyn M. Scott and narrated by Peter Coyote, Texas Gold is an award-winning film about Diane Wilson's struggle to save her bay and community in the most toxic place in America!

Texas Gold won BEST DOCUMENTARY at the New York City Short Film Festival and was chosen for BEST OF FEST at the Palm Springs International Film Festival of Shorts 2005. The film is currently on tour with Screen Door Films BEST FILMS 2006 and also touring with The Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival BEST OF FEST 2006.

For production photographs, dates of screenings and press kit information go to

Reviews of Texas Gold

"In a time when the documentary form is hotter than ever, the importance of a film like Texas Gold cannot be overstated. Inspirational, insightful, hard-hitting, infuriating and hilarious-the film manages to be both educational and entertaining. In the tradition of great activist filmmaking, Texas Gold shows how a single person makes a difference against indifferent corporations, motivating and empowering audiences to demand accountability and to consider the power of collective action."
Gabe Wardell, Program Director for Cinemaepicurea 2006—SVFF


Texas Gold is an inspiration to those of us who want a better world for our kids. Diane Wilson's story inspires, and the film goes from tragic to funny, from despair to hope and leaves the audience ready to help make the world a better place. Thanks Carolyn Scott for this important piece. Viva Diane Wilson! Via Texas Gold!”
Celia Alario, Outreach Producer and Media Strategist with 'PR for People and the Planet', board member of Public Interest Pictures


Texas Gold is a shining example of what environmental filmmaking should be. Not only has Carolyn Scott put together an honest film about a truly powerful individual, she also has created a message of hope and inspiration and a call for action.”
Kathy Dotson, RiverPeople Director/Film Festival Director—Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival


“We showed this film to our screening committee and at the end the whole group was on their feet applauding, whooping & hollering…Yessssssss!”
Demis Foster, Executive Director—Hazel Wolf Festival


“If ever you Must see a film about an activist who has put her life on the line in the most courageous and audacious way, this is the film to see...”
Douglas Day Stewart, Screenwriter—An Officer and a Gentleman


“This film is a Revolution....[I]t is talking about a revolution that is coming, and you don’t see it until, Whap, it hits you right in the face, this woman will blow you out of your seat into the realm of I must do something....”
Jeff Conaway, Actor—Taxi, Grease


“I LOVED this film. It made me cry, laugh, open my heart and say YES we can!”
Maude Barlow, World’s leading expert on fresh water endangerment


“When I first saw Texas Gold in Palm Springs—I fell in love with it. It tells a powerful story that needs to be shared with the American public. I was thrilled to include it in our film festival in Florida—the Delray beach audience were rocked off their chairs!
Michael Posner, Director and Founder—Delray Beach Film Festival


“We just recently screened Texas Gold at our Friday Night Film series and it was received with great enthusiasm by the crowd. Diane Wilson is such a powerful, passionate, intelligent, and charming woman that people are immediately taken with her "radical common sense" in confronting corporations and institutions now destroying the Gulf ecosystems with their complex variety of toxic emissions. Diane is a woman of the earth and the sea—a former fisherwoman and shrimper—and she sees directly through the PR, gloss, suicidal greed and corruption that allow such blatant violation of our natural life support systems. She feels life intensely and intimately—and her "direct actions" throw a beam of light on a shocking, some would say psychopathic, violation of the Commons allowed by our political and economic "leaders"—especially those in her home state of Texas. She's like a Joan of Arc rising up to challenge a degrading and depressing regime, acting with exhilarating courage, and selfless freedom. Texas Gold admirably reflects and transmits this awesome grass roots energy. People were transfixed by the film, and stayed long afterwards for questions and conversation with filmmaker Carolyn Scott. Our audience Loved Carolyn – she did a great job expanding and elaborating the story sketched out by the film. Carolyn is a serious, creative activist in her own right, and her style was engaging, entertaining and inspiring. This was an evening of power and consequence and hopefully the word will spread far and wide.”
Scott Hess, Photographer, Activist, Petaluma, CA


“There ain’t no woman as ballsy, outrageous and just plain Unreasonable as Diane Wilson.... [T]his film tells you a little about her wild ways, and even more about why you must take up the fight!”
Carolyn M. Scott, Director/Producer—Texas Gold




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