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ISBN: 9781931498067
Year Added to Catalog: 2002
Book Format: Paperback - Bilingual
Book Art: woodcuts, resources
Number of Pages: 6 x 9, 80 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1931498067
Release Date: May 1, 2002
Web Product ID: 27

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A Cafecito Story

El Cuento del Cafecito (Bilingual Edition)

by Julia Alvarez

Story Ideas

March 7, 2005


In their annual review issue, “Best of New York,” New York magazine named Jack’s Stir-Brew “The Best Cup of Coffee in New York.” Jack’s is a small, neighborhood coffee bar owned and operated by Jack Mazzola in Manhattan’s West Village. All Jack’s coffee is custom blended and roasted by the Vermont Coffee Company in Bristol.

“Jack visited us after reading A Cafecito Story by Julia Alvarez,” said Paul Ralston, Vermont Coffee Company’s president. “He was inspired by the book to be 100 percent fair trade and certified organic, and we are the only coffee roaster in Vermont that is 100 percent. We worked with him over several months to create a special blend for his shop.”

According to Ralston, part of what makes Jack’s coffee great is the brewer he invented and had built for his shop. But he says the little shop’s big success has more to do with its owner’s enthusiasm. “Jack loves coffee and he loves people, and he has a natural understanding of how coffee and people go together. His values are sincere, which makes him such a great guy to work with. And, one of his core values is big, bold coffee.”

The editors at New York magazine seem to agree, stating, “Ultimately, it's what's in the cup that counts, and what makes Jack's intensely loyal clientele navigate the swarm of surrounding Starbucks to his swinging screen door: a fearlessly dark, consistently smooth cup that truly is good to the last drop.”

For Ralston, the news of the award is very satisfying, “There are thousands of places to get a cup of coffee in New York, from the chains to the boutiques,” he said, “That our only customer in the city was chosen as the best in all New York feels great.”

### Vermont Coffee Company, based in Bristol, is the only coffee company in Vermont that purchases 100% certified organic, 100% certified fair trade coffees. Founded by entrepreneur Paul Ralston in 2002, the privately held company sells a handful of custom blends and is known for its big, bold coffees, particularly its signature DARK. The coffee can be purchased in bags and in bulk at independent grocery stores and food co-ops, and is served at restaurants and cafes throughout Vermont. For a list of locations, visit To view the New York magazine article, go to

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