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Hemp Bound

by Doug Fine

In Hemp Bound, bestselling author Doug Fine embarks on a journey to meet the men and women who are testing, researching, and pioneering hemp's use in the twenty-first century. Hemp's fibers are among the planet's strongest, its seed oil the most nutritious, and its potential as an energy source vast and untapped. It's one downside? For nearly a century, it's been illegal to grow industrial cannabis in the United States. As the prohibition on hemp's psychoactive cousin winds down, one of humanity's longest-utilized plants will help rejuvenate the American economy.

The Small-Scale Dairy

by Gianaclis Caldwell

The Small-Scale Dairy is the one book you’ll need in order to successfully produce nourishing, healthy, farm-fresh milk. Applicable to keepers of cows, goats, or sheep, the book offers a holistic approach that explores the relationships between careful, conscientious management and the production of safe, healthy, and delicious milk. Whether you have a one-cow home dairy, a fifty-goat operation, or are simply a curious consumer, The Small-Scale Dairy is an accessible and invaluable resource.

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