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WATCH: Matthew Stein, WTF! or When Technology Fails

There’s no better way to claim your independence than by being prepared for the worst. In an emergency, you’re hamstrung if you rely solely on your purchasing power and the availability of fossil fuels. A few years ago there was a blackout across the Northeast. That one pretty much amounted to a dramatic inconvenience, but what would you do if the power never came back on? Could you cook dinner, stay warm, treat a wound or infection?

When Technology Fails, A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency [1], by Matthew Stein can help you answer these questions with confidence. Consider it an emergency road-map for navigating our changing world. The book is full of tips for decreasing our current impact on the earth to prevent environmental catastrophe, and a practical handbook for surviving difficult times when they come.

In this video, Stein is interviewed by Sustainability Television [2] about his book.

When Technology Fails [1] is available in our bookstore.