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WATCH: Joel Salatin talks about building forgiveness into the system

Joel Salatin [1], farmer and best-selling author of Pastured Poultry Profit$ [2], You Can Farm [3], and Everything I Want to Do is Illegal [4], provides insights on agricultural practice that is environmentally, economically and spiritually sustainable.

At present, farms across the nation are vulnerable to rising fuel prices, climate change, and shifting political structures. In order to ease these liabilities and cultivate a stable, abundant agricultural landscape, Salatin proposes building “forgiveness” into the system. The author speaks of his own experience implementing forgiveness on his grass-based farm where reliance on solar energy and the natural intuition of livestock generate agricultural wellbeing and resiliency.

Salatin and his family own and operate Polyface Farm [5] in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, providing local produce and informational outreach to the surrounding community.

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