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WATCH: Indoor Organic Robot Composter for Your Victory Garden

Posted By admin On April 19, 2009 @ 10:58 am In Food & Drink | No Comments

I am a techno-geek. I love iPhones and netbooks [1] and solar-powered backpacks [2]. But I’m also an eco-geek. I love bicycles and pickling and growing my own food. Often these two sides of my personality are at odds with one another. Side One: You totally need the latest [insert gadget here]! It lets you Twitter FROM SPACE! Side Two: You totally need to move into an earthen hut, live off the land, and sleep on the dirt. Side Three: Can we get a burrito? But on odd occasions, I come across something that bridges the techno-eco-geek gap, and all is right with the world, and I can finally go get that burrito. Such is the case with the NatureMill [3]. It’s an indoor-organic-composter that reduces the decomposition time of your natural food waste to two weeks. I, nor Chelsea Green, receives any compensation for this endorsement. I just think it’s frakkin’ cool. And both sides of me want one. With the rising interest in gardening and local food production sweeping America, any device that offsets what will be the unfortunate rise of investment in chemical fertilizer is a wonderful thing. I can hear you asking, why power a device electronically when composting is a free and natural process anyway? I have the same concern, but I have the hope that this device could make composting such a no-brainer that more people than ever will give it a go.
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