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WATCH: Greg Pahl’s Sustainably Heated Home: His Wood-Pellet Boiler

Greg Pahl [1], author of Natural Home Heating: The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Options, no longer relies on fossil fuels for winter heat. He has no natural gas tank or oil bill. He is not subject to the wild fluctuations in market energy prices—from expensive to ludicrous. And he isn’t spewing once-buried carbon into our atmosphere all winter long. After a relatively easy swapping of boilers in his basement, Greg now enjoys clean heat throughout his home by burning sustainably-harvested and locally-produced wood pellets.

In the video below, Greg explains his wood pellet boiler system. In this earlier video [2], Greg explained his solar domestic hot water system. Both systems are great steps to take when transitioning your home from fossil-fuels to renewable energy.

Direct Link to Blip.tv [Ad3Ta4axCA] [3]

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