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Video: Stunning Comeback! McCain/Palin Win Election by 51.2%

Stephen Spoonamore has been working in the technology field for 20 years. In this time he has worked extensively with electronic credit card security, bank security, corporate security, military security, and voting security. Lately, Spoonamore has been working in the political technology field. He is a Republican, a McCain supporter, and a man who cares about a clean vote.

In a recent interview, Spoonamore asserts that not only have elections been stolen in the past (2000 and 2004, duh), but the election will be stolen again in 2008.

Spoonamore’s advice for securing the vote? Paper. 100% paper, 100% hand-counted. “Sometimes the best technology is old technology,” he says.

I certainly agree in this case. I’ve tried several times to contact our Vermont Secretary of State, Deb Markowitz, several times regarding our state’s woefully pathetic electronic vote-verification process and, after being fully ignored, I’m left with zero confidence that the vote I cast will be the vote they count. To hedge my bets, I’m voting via absentee ballot.

Please watch this interview (all ten parts), digg this important story, and then pass it on to your friends.

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