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Video: Kuttner Takes Down Fox’s Hannity

Well, it seems that our new book, Obama’s Challenge: America’s Economic Crisis and the Power of a Transformative Presidency, has a way of getting underneath people’s skin. As was the case last night when author Robert Kuttner appeared on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes. The interview began innocently enough as Colmes earnestly asked Kuttner about the themes of Obama’s Challenge. But things quickly got loud when Hannity rudely broke into the conversation from off camera. Sean Hannity should know better than to take on Bob Kuttner. But I must say, it’s refreshing to hear Hannity called a fool to his face. Kuttner’s strong performance made him the latest “top dog” at News Hounds. Take a look: UPDATE: Fox News Transcript:,2933,420826,00.html

The Future Is Hopeless, So Give it Your All

The never-ending national election in the United States, the “surprise” pro-Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, climate change … the list goes on and on about how easy it can be to lose hope in the future.Like many of life’s frustrations, or overwhelmingly large topics, most people in our society find themselves somewhere on the […] Read More

How Carbon Farming Can Save the Planet

Carbon farming alone is not enough to avoid catastrophic climate change, but coupled with new economic priorities, a massive switch to clean energy, and big changes to much of the rest of the way our societies work, it offers a pathway out of destruction and a route to hope.Along the way carbon farming can also […] Read More

Look Under Your Feet for Global Soil-utions

For several years, Chelsea Green has been publishing books that look under our feet for solutions to some of the most vexing problems facing the planet – hunger, drought, degraded farmland and grasslands, damaged waterways, and much more. Those books focus on (mostly) one thing: Soil.  In 2016, we’ve published two more important books that […] Read More

Climate Change & the End of Stationarity

Just as predicting the rise of Donald Trump as a leading presidential candidate stumped even the best of political analysts (looking at you Nate “FiveThirtyEight” Silver), the advent of the Sixth Great Extinction due to climate change and an increasingly potent mix of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has completely upended how we predict the […] Read More

Use Simple Games to Better Understand Climate Change

How is it that emissions keep growing despite rising concern about the climate change they cause? It is possible to identify several reasons for the paradox, most of which lie outside the scope of The Climate Change Playbook. But one important reason is relevant here: people do not understand the behaviors of the climate system.And […] Read More
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