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Two New DVDs for Gardeners and Food-Lovers

Two of our most popular authors – Eliot Coleman and Sandor Ellix Katz – have filmed their workshops so that you can learn from their expertise and see them in action as well as reading their books. We’re delighted to announce the release of Year-Round Vegetable Production with Eliot Coleman [1] and Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Katz [2], both available now!

Year-Round Vegetable Production with Eliot Coleman [1]:

This filmed workshop on year-round vegetable production offers farmers and gardeners the rare chance to sit in with Eliot Coleman, one of the pioneers of the organic farming movement and author of The New Organic Grower [3], Four-Season Harvest [4], and The Winter Harvest Handbook [5].

During his careers as commercial market gardener, director of agricultural research projects, developer of tools for organic growers, and teacher and lecturer on organic gardening, Coleman has studied, practiced, and perfected his craft, and while you can bring Coleman’s books with you into your garden, there’s nothing like getting the advice straight from the man himself.

Included in the DVDs:

And more…

Experience a workshop with bestselling author and expert in season extension, based on a filmed daylong workshop and extensive interview. Complete with a slide show, images from Coleman’s own farm over the years, his travels to Europe, and detailed plans for his model of season extension, this film is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sit down with a master.

Watch a trailer for the DVD here!


Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Ellix Katz: [2]

Thousands of readers consider Sandor Ellix Katz’s Wild Fermentation [6] to be their guidepost for exploring and making fermented foods. Now, in this new DVD, Katz offers fermentation beginners and enthusiasts a chance to “sit in” on one of his popular workshops and learn through hands-on demonstration and instruction, accompanied by an interview on the benefits of fermentation, and social implications as it relates to food security.

Contrary to popular belief, fermenting foods is a simple process. But it needs to be done correctly, and there’s no better person to inform us about managing microbial bacteria to produce highly nutritious food. In fact, with Sandor Ellix Katz as their guide, viewers will find fermentation is much more than just a way of preserving food: it’s a method of self-sufficiency, a crucial historical component to all agricultural movements, and utterly delicious.

This intimate workshop and interview will prove invaluable both for total beginners and longtime fermentation lovers.

The DVD includes:

And more…

Complete with cultural commentary, practical preparation guidance (including recipes), and a demonstration for just-right sauerkraut—and featuring an extended interview with Katz—this video is perfect for food-lovers of any kind.

Watch the trailer of the DVD here!