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Slow Money picks up steam

On the heels of the Second National Slow Money Gathering [1] at Shelburne Farms, The Fiscal Times [2] reports that the movement is “picking up steam”.

Woody Tasch [3] is the author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money [4], and founder of the Slow Money Alliance [5]. The principles of the Alliance prioritize, “soil fertility, carrying capacity, sense of place, care of the commons, cultural, ecological and economic health and diversity, and nonviolence.”

From the article:

Using the tenets of the slow food movement (buy local produce, take time to prepare and savor meals at home), the Alliance’s small network of investors, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens are devising ways to get investment capital flowing to local, small food enterprises. The modest goal: to get a million Americans investing 1 percent of their assets in local food systems within a decade.Call it nurture capital.

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Read the full Fiscal Times article here [2].