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Slow Money National Gathering This Week—Watch Slow Money Shorts

Slow Money is a new way of connecting investors to local food systems, catalyzing new forms of social investing and philanthropy for the 21st century.

This week (June 9–11), farmers, investors, authors, chefs, entrepreneurs, and people from all over the country interested in the slow food and slow money movements will gather at Shelburne Farms on Lake Champlain in Vermont to contribute to and explore the burgeoning nurture capital industry. Learn more at SlowMoneyAlliance.org. [1]

Click here for a detailed agenda. [2]

Download a PDF of the Slow Money National Gathering poster. [3]

Direct Link to YouTube [hDoipQt3whU] [4]

Direct Link to YouTube [E96_sXUgQmw] [5]

About the book: Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money presents an essential new strategy for investing in local food systems and introduces a group of fiduciary activists who are exploring what should come after industrial finance and industrial agriculture. Theirs is a vision for investing that puts soil fertility into return-on-investment calculations and serves people and place as much at it serves industry sectors and markets.

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