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Save 35% on Our Recent Spring Releases

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Resilience, Regeneration, and Rights — these are the three “Rs” covered by several recent releases.

Whether you want to read an in-depth guide to personal preparedness and homestead resiliency [1]; how to grow food in hotter, drier climates [2]; save money (and the environment) with a green home makeover [3]; or learn more about the emerging battle over food sovereignty [4] in the U.S., we have the right book for you.

Since 1984, Chelsea Green has published books at the vanguard of sustainable living and our latest offerings keep that tradition alive and thriving. Aside from the three most recent releases featured below, check out additional sale titles from our Spring list to inspire you in your backyard or your community.

Happy reading from the folks at Chelsea Green Publishing!

P.S. In case you missed it, The New York Times profiled The New Horse-Powered Farm [5] and its author Stephen Leslie in a feature about draft power as a re-emerging trend in farming. You can see Leslie at work in the fields with his Fjord’s in this special Times slideshow [6]

The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach

The Resilient Farm and Homestead Cover [7]
Retail: $40.00
Discount: $26.00
The Resilient Farm and Homestead will be essential reading for the serious prepper as well as for everyone interested in creating a more resilient lifestyle or landscape.”—Carol Deppe, author of The Resilient Gardener “This intelligent, challenging book, rooted somewhere between back-to-the-land idealism and radical survivalism, sees resilience as both planting and building for the use of future generations …. ”—Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: The Escalating Battle Over Who Decides What We Eat

ife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights Cover [8]
Retail: $19.95 Discount: $12.97

Foreword by Joel Salatin

“With incredible clarity and masterful storytelling, David Gumpert leads us on a journey into the trenches of America’s battle over food rights … the result is a book that will by turns enrage and inspire you. The battle for the right to nourish our bodies with real food must be won, and this book is an essential part of making that happen.” —Ben Hewitt, author of The Town That Food Saved


Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land: Lessons from Desert Farmers on Adapting to Climate Uncertainty

Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land Cover [9]
Retail: $29.95
Discount: $19.47

Foreword by Bill McKibben

“Gary Nabhan’s latest book is indispensable. Everyone who grows food—make that, everyone who eats food—should be grateful he wrote it. An homage to old wisdom and to the latter-day soil magicians who are Nabhan’s living muses, it is a rich herbarium of delicious, hardy sustenance and a manual for our future.”—Alan Weisman, author, The World Without Us 

New Books: 35% Off Until June 19th

The Greened House Effect Cover [3]

Retail: $29.95

Sale: $19.47

Read More The Greened House Effect [3]

Cows Save the Planet Cover [10]

Retail: $17.95

Sale: $11.67

Read More ows Save the Planet [10]

Paradise Lot Cover [11]

Retail: $19.95

Sale: $12.97

Read More Paradise Lot [11]

Good Morning, Beautiful Business Cover [12]

Retail: $17.95

Sale: $11.67

Read More Good Morning, Beautiful Business [12]

What Then Must We Do? Cover [13]

Retail: $17.95

Sale: $11.67

Read More What Then Must We Do? [13]

Rebuilding the Foodshed Cover [14]

Retail: $19.95

Sale: $12.97

Read More Rebuilding the Foodshed [14]

The New Horse-Powered Farm Cover [15]

Retail: $39.95

Sale: $25.97

Read More The New Horse-Powered Farm [15]

Natural Beekeeping Cover [16]

Retail: $34.95

Sale: $22.72

Read More Natural Beekeeping [16]

Natural Beekeeping (DVD) Cover [17]

Retail: $24.95

Sale: $16.22

Read More Natural Beekeeping DVD [17]

Top Bar Beekeeping DVD Cover [18]

Retail: $14.95

Sale: $9.72

Read More From Asparagus to Zucchini [18]

Perennial Vegetable Gardening DVD Cover [19]

Retail: $29.95

Sale: $19.47

Read More perennial Vegetable Gardening DVD [19]

Holistic Orcharding DVD Cover [20]

Retail: $49.95

Sale: $32.47

Read More Holistic Orcharding DVD [20]

The Grafter's Handbook Cover [21]

Retail: $40.00

Sale: $26.00

Read More The Grafter's Handbook [21]

The Organic Seed Grower Cover [22]

Retail: $49.95

Sale: $32.47

Read More The Organic Seed Grower [22]

Farms with a Future Cover [23]

Retail: $29.95

Sale: $19.47

Read More Farms with a Future [23]

Desert or Paradise Cover [24]

Retail: $29.95

Sale: $19.47

Read More Desert or Paradise [24]

Slow Wine Cover

Retail: $25.00

Sale: $16.25

Read More Slow Wine 2013

Cheese and Culture Cover [25]

Retail: $17.95

Sale: $11.67

Read More Cheese and Culture [25]

Discount codes do not combine with other offers—our books already on  sale for example. Free shipping for orders $100 or more is applied after the discount is applied.

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