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Our GreenTweet Makes Huffington’s Best Green Twitter Feed List

I was surprised to see today, during my usual perusing of Huffington Post’s Green section [1], that they’ve compiled a list of the web’s Best Green Twitter Feeds [2]…and our GreenTweet [3] is #4—and the only one that’s quoted in the story:

* Green Tweet [3] provides interesting and useful green living advice tips, like these:

Cyclists are the most punctual of employees: traffic jams do not affect them, neither do train delays.

Place an insulated cover over your pool when it is not being used to help prevent water loss through evaporation.

Congratulations to Dennis “Doc Brown” Pacheco [4] who runs our GreenTweet [3] feed. Every few hours Dennis digs into the Chelsea Green library and pulls out helpful tips from our how-to books. Most of them can be found in the books in our Chelsea Green Guide Six Pack. He sends these tips out to GreenTweet [3] subscribers who receive the tips via their Twitter widgets, in their email, as text messages, or however else they’ve chosen to receive them.  We’ve had great feedback so far.

Subscribe to GreenTweet at our Twitter profile page [3], and to help us spread the news and our helpful tips for living in harmony with nature go to the Huffington Post [2] story and be sure to Digg it! Thanks.