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Naomi Wolf tops on AlterNet, takes on FOX

Naomi Wolf [1] continues her media tour, including an appearance [2] on FOX News’ The O’Reilly Factor (minus Bill O’Reilly—he must have been intimidated and called for a stand-in) and a lengthy Q&A [3] on AlterNet with site founder Don Hazen. The interview covers a wide range of territory, but some of the best discussion about her New York Times bestseller End of America [4], and the issues it raises, are contained in the comments [5] section.

This makes for some great post-Thanksgiving Day reading while you kick back from work (or while you work), and remember why it’s important to fight to keep our constitutional freedoms from being wiped away by the Bush administration, or any administration, and their allies in Congress, be they Democrat or Republican.

We’ve also taken time to pick up a few of our favorite End of America comments from around the blogosphere, which you can find here [6], here [7], and here [8].