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LISTEN: Landscaping Earth Ponds Tim Matson Interview

Ever look out at a pond and feel completely at peace with yourself and at one with the universe?

I have. But it doesn’t happen often. I mean, how often do you get the chance to hang out at a real, honest-to-goodness, right out of Mayberry pond? Well, actually…

In this interview, author Tim Matson [1] explains how you can build your own pond, naturally and in tune with the surrounding environment. Time covers a few things you should know about things like native spillways, erosion, the right fish to use to clean detritus (eliminating the need for chemicals), and the ideal geomantic configuration in relation to your house. That’s right. I said “geomantic configuration.”

From the Landscaping Earth Ponds: The Complete Guide book description:

Ponds have long been valued for their charm and utility: how else can you simultaneously enliven your landscape, create recreational opportunities, help the environment, and increase your property value? Earth ponds are increasingly recognized for the full range of gardening, landscaping, and ecological promise they hold. As pond-building methods have been perfected, more homeowners are restoring existing ponds or digging new ones.

Listen Now [2]