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Latest news on Diane Wilson

The Victoria Advocate reported today:

Former Seadrift resident arrested
Victoria Advocate
December 14, 2005

PORT LAVACA – Diane Wilson, 57, formerly of Seadrift, was arrested by
Harris County deputies on a Calhoun County warrant for criminal
trespassing. She was returned to Calhoun County Friday and began
serving 120 days in jail after a jury recommended the sentence plus a
$2,000 fine in January 2004.

A Corpus Christi appellate court upheld the Calhoun County court’s
decision in May 2004. Wilson, who has been out of the state since that
time was arrested when she returned to Texas, said Sheriff B.B.

Wilson was forcefully removed from a platform at Dow Chemical’s
Seadrift plant on Aug. 26, 2002 after lodging an eight-hour protest
accusing the company of not making amends for losses in the 1984
industrial disaster in Bhopal, India.

In the past couple of days we’ve recevied quite a few requests for an address where supporters can write to Diane. Here is her address at the Victoria County Prison, where she can receive letters:
Sylvia Diane Wilson
CR # 65510
Victoria County Jail (Calhoun County Inmate)
101 North Glass
Victoria, TX 77901

Diane is being held in the Victoria County Jail, since the Calhoun County Jail has been condemmed…

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