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Environmental Activist Diane Wilson on The Rag Radio

Listen to Diane Wilson, eco-activist extraordinaire, on The Rag Radio.

The Rag was an underground paper from Austin, Texas that was published for eleven years starting in 1966. It lives on as The Rag Blog [1], and the radio show. For more about this fascinating, fertile little instance of resistance, go here: http://www.nuevoanden.com/rag/ [2]

From their site:

From coverage of antiwar marches to Black Panthers, from expose’s on the UT Regents to incidents of police brutality, from poetry espousing sexual liberation to the source for critical news about the South Texas Nuclear Project, The Rag became a weekly reader for a wide swath of Austin’s counterculture, peace movement, feminist movement, coop movement and the nascent anti-nuclear movement. And it became a “must read” for the established powers as well.