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Dumb, Bad, and Wrong

Bush Calls For New Nuclear Plants:
President Talks Of Environmental Benefits, Safety

By Peter Baker and Steven Mufson
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, May 25, 2006; Page A04

LIMERICK, Pa., May 24 — President Bush promoted nuclear power Wednesday as part of his answer to energy and environmental problems as more companies consider taking advantage of government incentives to build the nation’s first new nuclear plant in decades.

In the shadow of twin giant cooling towers, Bush said that his plan to expand nuclear power would curb emissions contributing to global warming and would provide an “abundant and plentiful”

That wacky Bush! Doesn’t he know that the proper phrasing is, “too cheap to meter!”?

alternative to limited energy sources. Bush called the nuclear sector an “overregulated industry”

Hey kids, can you say “Enron”? Can you say “California’s rolling blackouts”?

and pledged to work to make it more feasible to build reactors.

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