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DIY U in the Blogosphere

DIY U; Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education [1] by Anya Kamenetz [2] continues to make ripples amongst bloggers with an eye on college in culture, open source educational models, online pedagogy, and the uses of technology in higher education. Not all of them like what they’re reading, but the conversation is lively.

Here are a few of the recent posts we’ve read:

Teaching Writing in a Digital World [3] – Reading DIY U
Ed Tech Post – DIY U: Take 2
Jim Groom [4] – EduPunk or On Becoming a Useful Idiot
Michael Feldstein [5] – DIY U: The Modern Guild at Work
Zunguzungu [6] – DIY U and other Thatcherisms

Here’s the latest from Anya’s own blog, www.diyubook.com [7]

DIY U is available in our bookstore [1].