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Bundles and Sets

The Eliot Coleman Set
Retail: $79.85
Sale: $51.90
The Joel Salatin Set
Retail: $90.25
Sale: $58.66
The Sandor Katz Fermentation Set
Retail: $99.90
Sale: $64.94
The Preserving the Harvest Set
Retail: $54.94
Sale: $35.71
Edible Forest Gardens Set
Retail: $150.00
Sale: $97.50
Perennial Vegetables Set
Retail: $59.95
Sale: $38.97
The Winter Harvest Handbook and Year Round Vegetable Production Set
Retail: $64.95
Sale: $42.22
Business Advice for Organic Farmers Set
Retail: $49.95
Sale: $32.47
The Community Resilience Guide Series Set
Retail: $49.95
Sale: $32.47
Top-Bar Beekeeping Set
Retail: $34.95
Sale: $22.72
Natural Beekeeping Book and DVD Set
Retail: $54.95
Sale: $35.72
The Art of Fermentation and Fermentation Workshop Bundle
Retail: $64.95
Sale: $42.22
Wild Fermentation and Fermentation Workshop Bundle
Retail: $49.95
Sale: $32.47
The Apple Grower and Holistic Orcharding with Michael Phillips Bundle
Retail: $79.95
Sale: $51.97
Holistic Orcharding with Michael Phillips Book and DVD Bundle
Retail: $79.95
Sale: $51.97
The Man Who Planted Trees Book and CD Bundle
Retail: $29.95
Sale: $19.47
The GMO Trilogy and Seeds of Deception Set
Retail: $27.95
Sale: $18.17

Dig In: June Roundup

The latest news and opinions from Chelsea Green and our authors, as well as tips and techniques about how you can bring our books to life in your kitchen, backyard, or community, and special sales, promotions and new releases.   Food Lover’s Guide: 25% Off ALL Food & Drink Books Whether you want to make […] Read More..

New Audiobook—Slowspoke: A Unicyclist’s Guide to America

If you’ve ever yearned to slow down, let life’s winds wobble you, and devote yourself to the act of anticipation rather than immediacy, then learn to ride a unicycle. Or, you could follow the thoughtful and guiding principles of  author, homesteader, and unicyclist Mark Schimmoeller in his latest book Slowspoke. Now available as an audiobook, […] Read More..

New Audio Books: Bears and Elephants Oh My!

Whether you’re keen on learning more about the secretive lives of black bears or how to unlock the secrets of political framing, two recent Chelsea Green books are now available in audio so you can listen in the car, at home, or wherever you prefer. To sample the audio of either book, check out the […] Read More..

Four Perennial Vegetables Perfect for Shady Spots

Perennial vegetables are a food gardener’s dream. Plant them once, treat them well, and they’ll keep on feeding you year after year. Eric Toensmeier, author of Paradise Lot and Perennial Vegetables, and coauthor of Edible Forest Gardens, is the reigning expert on these easy-to-grow crops, and his new DVD takes you on a plant-by-plant tour […] Read More..


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