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March 2013

A Chilling List of Nuclear Meltdown Near Misses

Three Mile Island, the nuclear plant in Pennsylvania that melted down on this day in 1979, is synonymous with nuclear disaster. The meltdown was stopped before any serious damage occurred, but 34 years after this near miss at Three Mile Island, how safe are we from this kind of catastrophe? Ask the residents of San […]

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Spring Has Sprung! Is your Garden Growing Yet?

Congratulations, you survived another long winter! Now, it’s time to get your garden started. Let us help you on your way with some of our key gardening books (and new DVDs!). Learn tried and true techniques from our expert gardening authors so you can reap a plentiful harvest this fall. Essential Gardening Books — 35% […]

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Snapshots from the New Economy

The top 400 wealthiest people in America own more riches than the bottom 180 million. The system is broken. But we don’t need to look far to find a better one. Do you shop at a food co-op? Then you’re supporting a democratically-owned corporation that works to serve its members instead of distant shareholders focused […]

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Congratulations to Our Finalists and Winners!

This week started off with some fantastic news: The Art of Fermentation is in the running for a James Beard Foundation book award! Nominated in the Reference and Scholarship category, Sandor Katz’s tome on all things fermented automatically joins the ranks of nominees vying for the foundation’s prestigious Cookbook of the Year. We’ve got our […]

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Good Morning, Beautiful Business! The Memoir of a Social Entrepreneur

When Judy Wicks opened a restaurant in her Philadelphia home, she didn’t set out to change the world. But over the years she became not only a successful business woman but a game-changing activist, who, according to Inc. magazine enacted “more progressive business practices per square foot than any other entrepreneur.” From pioneering the focus […]

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Women are Changing the World, One Book at a Time

It’s a simple fact: Women change the world. 100 years ago suffragists marched on Washington to demand their right to vote. Today fierce women are still fighting to build a better world. In honor of Women’s History Month we’re celebrating the accomplishments of the visionary women whose work we publish: activists, farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and […]

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What They Won’t Tell You About Nuclear Power Could Kill You

There’s a reason why we still haven’t heard the official story about the extent of contamination after the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima: when the radioactive waste hits the fan, the regulators just plain lie. Two years ago today, the tsunami that swamped eastern Japan set off a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, just 200 miles north […]

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The Most Exciting New Trend in Farming Looks Decidedly Amish

While the industrial food system is busy pioneering plows guided by satellite, and engineering transgenic frankencrops to pair with their ever more toxic pesticides, a quiet revolution is taking place. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, you might think there’s a sudden boom in the cutesy historical re-enactment industry, but the truth is […]

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Heat up Your Garden Bed: Simple Tips for an Early Harvest

As March rolls in like a lion, we’re entering what some gardeners and farmers call “the hungry gap.” This is the time when the ground is starting to thaw, but it’s still too cold and dark to plant new seedlings. Meanwhile your root cellar is running low, and you’ve long since devoured all those dilly […]

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Rebel Farmer Sepp Holzer’s 10-Point Plan to Combat World Hunger

You’ve heard it before. “Big Farma” says the only way to end world hunger is with more GMOs, more monoculture commodity crops, more pesticides, more chemical fertililzers. But there is another way. Instead of using high-tech inputs, farmers are producing abundant, varied, and healthy crops by mimicking natural processes. A pioneer of this practice is […]

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