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April 2012

Celebrate International Permaculture Day!

What does permaculture mean to you? Bill Mollison and David Holmgren first coined the term in their groundbreaking 1978 book Permaculture One. In essence, permaculture is a system of designing households and communities that are productive, sustaining and largely self-reliant, and have minimal impact on the environment. From the globally-inspiring, no-till farming practices of Masanobu […]

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Fresh Green Books for Spring

We are thrilled to announce the release of several new Spring titles that join an already impressive list of books we’ve published in 2012. Whether you are looking for the complete guide to fermentation; fundamental resources to invest locally; how to build sustainable, natural homes; how to reform our global economic and political structures; learn […]

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State of the Global Climate – A Quick Look

A few years ago I was involved in a very fun event called Step It Up 2007. It was dreamed up by Bill McKibben, author and activist extraordinaire, and implemented across the country by separate small groups — including the rag-tag group of activists I was leading down in Jacksonville, Florida. Our event was simple. […]

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Chelsea Green Launches Sustainable Erotica Imprint: Apocalyptica

UPDATE: April Fools! We’re not really starting a new imprint for green erotica, but thanks to everyone who shared our prank. Stay up to date with our (actual) latest releases by signing up for our e-newsletter here. After nearly thirty years as the go-to publisher for all things sustainable, Chelsea Green is thrusting itself into […]

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